China Gorge spring rolls reminded diner of the way they were in her native Scotland

By Emil Asinjo

Nikki and Tracy Mathis … fans of Grace Su's China Gorge.
Nikki Mathis knew something wasn’t quite right, at least as far as her tastebuds were concerned. At other Chinese restaurants she had visited since moving from Scotland to the United States, the spring rolls typically had too much black pepper.
Not at all like the spring rolls she had grown to love back home.
So, when a co-worker at Providence Hospital suggested they lunch at Grace Su’s China Gorge, Nikki was prepared for sub-par spring rolls. Boy, was she surprised.
“I almost cried tears of joy to find the kind of spring rolls I like,” she says. “They were like the spring rolls from home that I like, and I was really satisfied.”
She says she has come to love Grace Su’s China Gorge.
Nikki works as an administrative assistant with Insitu in Hood River. Her husband Tracy works in Portland as a paramedic. They live in Mosier, and when neither wants to cook, they head to the China Gorge. It’s been their go-to spot for about six months.
“Everything has tasted fresh and clean,” she says. “My favorite is the appetizer platter. The spring rolls actually have fresh vegetables inside. Their dough is fresh and clean, and you can taste the vegetables.”
Another appetizer favorite is the crab puffs. She tried some at another Gorge Chinese restaurant, and describes them as “gray.”
“The ones at China Gorge are pure white, with the cream cheese, and they’re not fishy like at the other places,” Nikki says.
She says her husband loves the China Gorge’s combination lo mein, with chicken, shrimp and pork.
“He loves Sriracha sauce, so Grace said he should try the chili sauce that her husband makes,” Nikki says. “He loves it. It’s not just hot, it has flavor.”