Dragon's Delight Dinner combo lures Chinese New Year celebrants

By Emil Asinjo

With a choice of soups, plus BBQ pork, three entrees and, after polishing all this off, a serving of ice cream, what's not to love about celebrating Chinese New Year with the Dragon's Delight Dinner deal?
For residents of the United States, one of the other great things about engaging with Chinese culture (besides the food, of course) is the chance to celebrate the New Year twice.

Chinese Americans on Jan. 23 will celebrate the Chinese New Year. The astrological year of the Black Water Dragon begins Feb. 4. For a detailed explanation of the history behind Chinese New Year and astrology, follow this link.
In the meantime, it may be more important to know that Grace Su’s China Gorge is helping you celebrate by rolling out a six-course Chinese New Year Dragon’s Delight Dinner Deal — available now — at a great price of $34.95 for two people. That’s right, $17.50 per person for … six courses? True.
It’s our way of saying thank you to our valued customers. And, yes, we are always closed on Monday, which means we will be closed on the date of Chinese New Year in 2012, but that doesn’t mean we and you can’t celebrate before — and after — the big date.
The Dragon’s Delight begins with special BBQ pork. That is followed by a choice of egg flower or hot ‘n’ sour soup.
Then comes the piece de resistance — a three-course Dragon’s Delight platter. It contains three entrees: Imperial Calamari, Jade Tofu stir-fried with shrimp and bell peppers, and Stir-Fried Chicken Breast with vegetables in a ginger onion sauce.
To cool down the Dragon’s breath, diners finish up with ice cream. And, as we all know, delighted dragons and China Gorge diners both love ice cream.