Like China Gorge menu, kiters help fight cancer

By Stu Watson

When we prepare a meal for you, we want you to enjoy the complex blend of flavors -- and also to know that it is nutritious.

Because many of our dishes incorporate vegetables -- some are even composed entirely of veggies -- it would not be a stretch to say that our menu can help you prevent cancer.

We point that out as we – and our friends in the kiteboarding community – prepare for a major benefit event to help young people in their battles against cancer. The 11th annual Kiteboard 4 Cancer event runs July 14-16 at the Hood River Event Site.

The American Institute of Cancer Research provides details on foods that have been proven to help prevent cancer. If you read through the list, you may think to yourself, “Wow, that sounds just like the ingredients in many of the dishes at Grace Su’s China Gorge.”

You're right. Dining with us is actually good for you.

Here’s a quick lineup of the Super Cancer Fighters: Broccoli and cauliflower and cabbage and other “cruciferous vegetables,” tofu and soy sauce and other derivatives of soybeans, carrots, dark green leafy vegetables (like spinach), garlic, tea and whole grains (ask us for brown rice the next time you’re in).

Here’s what the AICR says about whole grains – and other vegetables.

And to help you when you arrive at the China Gorge looking for good food – that’s also good for you – here are two dishes rich in cancer-fighting ingredients:

  • Dynasty mixed vegetables: Broccoli, peapods, carrots, napa cabbage, mushrooms, water chestnuts, stir fried in delightful brown sauce

  • Bean curd (tofu) home style: Fresh tofu deep fried, stir fried w/ bamboo shoots, mushrooms, nappa cabbage, carrots, pea pods, bell peppers in spicy sauce