Need to get your meeting on? Our place has the space

By Emil Asinjo

Sunshine streams through windows on the south side of the private meeting space at Grace Su's China Gorge.
You and your partner or family have probably dined at Grace Su’s China Gorge.
But did you know that we can easily serve groups of well over 100 people?
Best of all, we’ll save you money in the process.
Here’s an example. For meetings that require a buffer against outside noise, we can reserve our private meeting room. It comfortably seats up to 25 people.

The dramatic aquarium separates the buffet line from tables in the main dining area. Beyond is the Lounge, which affords diners a sweeping view of the Columbia River, Hood River Bridge and bluff homes in White Salmon, Wash.
Wi-fi connectivity adds the ability to pull and project Internet images for your group to review or discuss. Attendees can order off our extensive menu, or we can arrange a buffet. As long as total meal purchases exceed $100, we charge nothing extra for use of the room.
Nothing? Yep, no room fee. Just try to find that deal at any other location in Hood River.
Interested? Please call 541-386-5331 at least a week in advance of your event to reserve space.
For larger groups, our dining room can seat up to 60 people in a semi-private setting. It offers a mix of small and larger rectangular tables, plus round tables that seat eight people each.
Our adjacent river-view bar area can seat groups of 10 to 35.
Do the math. Add all that seating in those three spaces, and you see how we could serve a holiday dinner buffet to 120 employees of Hood River’s Maritime Services Corp., which we did on Dec. 17, 2011.
Past users of our group space have included a group of Taiwanese tourists visiting from Seattle, and the families of a Vietnamese wedding party.
In short, Grace Su’s China Gorge isn’t just a great place to eat.
It’s a great place to meet, greet – AND eat.