Six-course Valentine's Special paves a path to your lover's heart

By Emil Asinjo

As we write, it’s Feb. 4. You know what that means? Yep. You Romeos and Juliets out there have 10 days to get your act together or suffer Cupid’s disdain when Valentine’s Day arrives (uh, Feb. 14) and you are totally unprepared.
What to do? What to get?

Grace Su’s China Gorge has answers to both questions.

Come to Grace Su’s.

Order our six-course Valentine’s Dinner Special.

Specially priced at $30 a couple, it’s our best effort to bolster your love life. Here’s what you’ll get:

For starters, a cup of egg flower soup or hot and sour soup, plus fresh-baked barbecue pork.
A platter of three entrees, including Hawaiian chicken, imperial calamari, and stir-fried green beans, accompanied by steamed or fried rice.
And, for dessert, huckleberry ice cream or mango sorbeto.

On Valentine’s (or any other) Day, the way to your partner’s heart definitely passes through Grace Su’s China Gorge.