Why China Gorge uses rice bran oil. and why it's better for you

By Emil Asinjo

Chinese cooking involves a lot of stir-frying. At Grace Su’s China Gorge, we do our frying with rice bran oil – because it makes for better frying, and because it’s more nutritious.
From a practical standpoint, it has a high smoke point. In other words, it can be heated to above 450 degrees during stir-frying before it begins to burn and smoke. That quality allows higher frying temperatures, which are critical to sealing in moisture and flavor, while maintaining crisp (that is, not soggy) ingredients.
“I can tell the difference in how food comes out,” says Grace Su. “It’s not greasy. You don’t have any after-taste.”
On top of that, it’s good for you.
Research in India shows that rice bran oil is instrumental in lowering cholesterol, and according to a University of Rochester scientist who has studied the antioxidant since 1996, it has anti-oxidant qualities that may help fight cancer.
The only problem (there’s always a hitch, right)? It has a relatively high level of Omega 6 fatty acids, but virtually no Omega 3. Nutritionists say a 1:1 ratio is best.
So if you’re worried about that imbalance, just order a stir-fry with fish or seafood in it. Many varieties are high in Omega 3s.
Flaxseed has the highest Omega 3 levels, but you’ll have to get that at breakfast — not at the China Gorge.