Share your love of fine beers and well-prepared cocktails with people who love the same. Grace Su's China Gorge is looking for someone to bring great customer service and a broad knowledge of beverage options to our dining rooms.

Whether you think of yourself as a bartender or mixologist, what matters to us is that you have experience, solid references and a passion for helping our diners select and enjoy their preferred beverages.

After almost 40 years in business, we have a devoted clientele and an experienced staff, all dedicated to the best in food and beverage service.

Join the fun. We have a great stage (the Tiger Lounge) for someone with a passionate love of crafting delicious liquid refreshment.

Interested? Drop by the China Gorge at...

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The Solar Eclipse brings tequila, citrus and coffee flavors to your celebration.

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Screen grab courtesy of NASA Solar Eclipse web site

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By Stu Watson

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When we prepare a meal for you, we want you to enjoy the complex blend of flavors -- and also to know that it is nutritious.

Because many of our dishes incorporate vegetables -- some are even composed entirely of veggies -- it would not be a stretch to say that our menu can help you prevent cancer.

We point that out as we – and our friends in the kiteboarding community – prepare for a major benefit event to help young people in their battles against cancer. The 11th annual Kiteboard 4 Cancer event runs July 14-16 at the Hood River Event Site.

The American Institute of Cancer Research provides details on foods that have been proven to help prevent cancer. If you read through the list, you may think to yourself, “Wow, tha...

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March Madness.


Dillon Brooks

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You may have heard about a football game coming up this Sunday, in a really large stadium shaped like a really very huge glass goblet used for serving punch, but with thousands of seats instead of juice and chunks of fruit floating in it.We can’t say its name, even though it would be really super if we could, because we’d have to pay a bunch of money to mention the game and how we, right around the same time that it is going on (starting at 3:30 p.m.), would love to invite you, our esteemed readers, to the Tiger Lounge, at Grace Su’s China Gorge, so you can enjoy yourself with cold beverages from our bar, and fine Chinese cuisine from our kitchen, while the five large-screen TVs are tuned to the only football game on th...

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In the Chinese zodiac, the year 2017 makes this the year of the rooster. If you were born in the year of 2017 ,2005, 1993, 1981, 1969, etc it is your year, and you get to celebrate on Saturday, Jan. 28.The Chinese zodiac characters are also associated with one of five elements (gold, water, wood, fire and earth). So, this year is the first in 60 years (since 1957) that the rooster has been associated with the “fire” element.People born in such years are said to be trustworthy, attentive to the clock and punctuality at work.Some of the most famous “roosters” include Bob Marley (born 6 February 1945), a Wood Rooster; Jennifer Aniston (born February 11, 1969), an Earth Rooster; Jennifer Lopez (born July 24, 1969), an...

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At the China Gorge, according to Grace Su, the three most popular dishes are Hot & Sour Soup, Dry Style Green Beans, and Gen. Tso’s Chicken.“They’re neck and neck,” Grace says, smiling at the thought of three dishes from her menu, racing like horses to the finish line.A few months back, we saw a great little documentary film that left us with a few earth-shaking facts.
There was a General Tso. He was a military man, not a cook.
Gen. Tso never made a flavorful dish called Gen. Tso’s Chicken.
In fact, nobody in China has heard of the dish. Why? Because it was invented in New York City, after which it spread to every corner of the United States.

The Search for General Tso - Official Trailer I HD I Sundance Selects

If you subscribe to the Netflix video service, you can check out the film. We think you should, because it celebrates our most popular dish, and also provides a great look at the history of the discriminatory attitudes in the United States toward the Chinese immigrant population.
One consequence of laws that limited business activity by Chinese immigrants was to push those immigrants out of cities like San Francisco and into small towns everywhere.
That’s how America ended up with one or more Chinese restaurants in nearly every town of any size.
Later, after a creative chef in New York created his version of Gen. Tso’s chicken, the dish spread like wildfire throughout the land. Every chef in every kitchen put his or her spin on the recipe, so it doesn’t always taste the same.
But it always taste good.
Grace says the version at China Gorge is totally unique, the creation of ChefWeixiong “a Hong” Wu.

Chinese cooking involves a lot of stir-frying. At Grace Su’s China Gorge, we do our frying with rice bran oil – because it makes for better frying, and because it’s more nutritious.From a practical standpoint, it has a high smoke point. In other words, it can be heated to above 450 degrees during stir-frying before it begins to burn and smoke. That quality allows higher frying temperatures, which are critical to sealing in moisture and flavor, while maintaining crisp (that is, not soggy) ingredients.“I can tell the difference in how food comes out,” says Grace Su. “It’s not greasy. You don’t have any after-taste.”On top of that, it’s good for you.Research in India shows that ric...

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