The Solar Eclipse brings tequila, citrus and coffee flavors to your celebration.

If you want to celebrate the solar eclipse while you're dining with us, just ask us to whip you up a Solar Eclipse.

That's right (you had to figure this would happen), the folks behind Patron Tequila have concocted a cocktail for the big event.

But the best thing about a cocktail designed for the Solar Eclipse is that you 1) don't have to wait for the real eclipse to order one, and 2) if you have one of these in your hand around, oh, 10 in the morning on Aug. 21, you'll swear that it made the sun disappear, however briefly.

Here's how to make your own: Get a highball glass, or a large rocks glass. Fill with crushed...

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By Stu Watson

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When we prepare a meal for you, we want you to enjoy the complex blend of flavors -- and also to know that it is nutritious.

Because many of our dishes incorporate vegetables -- some are even composed entirely of veggies -- it would not be a stretch to say that our menu can help you prevent cancer.

We point that out as we – and our friends in the kiteboarding community – prepare for a major benefit event to help young people in their battles against cancer. The 11th annual Kiteboard 4 Cancer event runs July 14-16 at the Hood River Event Site.

The American Institute of Cancer Research provides details on foods that have been proven to help prevent cancer. If you read through the list...

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